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It may be oversimplifying things, but Luke Kish sums up the phenomenon that is the Young People Revolution this way: “Nobody likes having a job.

Clearly, Luke himself doesn’t like having a 9-to-5, answer-to-a-boss kind of job. That’s why his Vemma business fits so perfectly into his lifestyle.

“I’m traveling all over the country,” Luke says. “I’ve been going to California, Philadelphia, going from school to school meeting people who are interested in this opportunity.”

Luke first heard about Vemma from a friend. “At first, I was skeptical; I thought, like most people, that it was too good to be true,” he says. “But then I started seeing how much money you could make, and I really got into it.”*

His immediate short-term goal is to achieve Presidential status by November, a milestone he’s well on his way to reaching. He wants to be Ambassador by Convention in April, but he’s aiming even higher than that.

“My real long-term goal is to have one of the biggest businesses in all of Vemma,” he says confidently. He’s building his business using advice he received when he first started with the company.

“Keep it simple,” he says. “Be the person you want to see in your business. If you are positive and attract people like you, then you’ll be successful.”

Incentives like the Frenzy Bonus have also helped boost his numbers. “That has totally helped with the excitement,” he says. “When I tell them how it works, how they can get their own car, earn $700–$1,400 a week, it’s huge.* You see someone living that lifestyle, working with good people, and you want to be a part of it.”

Luke’s enthusiasm for the products themselves is also a big part of his success. “I love Verve! he exclaims. “I’m addicted to it! Once you get started on it, you feel so much better — you have more energy.”

“I’ve always been health conscious, so I knew energy drinks were bad for you. I did drink a lot of coffee, but now I’ve totally cut that out. I drink a Verve! and a Bod•ē every day, and I’ve never felt better.”

Because he’s enjoyed such success with Vemma, he finds himself checking the Vemma app every morning when he wakes up. “I roll over and look to see how many times I’ve cycled,” he says. “I like showing the app to new people, letting them know you’re not doing it all alone, that there is support out there.”

Luke’s excitement for the product and his business are contagious. With a voice full of enthusiasm, he explains, “I can help a lot of people with this business. I can change people’s lives for the better. With the situation kids are put in these days, not being able to make money, being dependent on others, this offers them a way to independence. And a way to get and stay healthy, too!”

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