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After learning about Vemma while helping a friend build a website, Jeff Blackman quickly saw the potential to improve his life.

“I’m really focused on helping my wife’s non-profit work,” he says. “And Vemma is allowing us to do just that.”

His wife, Michelle, is the Northeast Wisconsin area coordinator for Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas Child, an organization committed to helping children in need all over the world. “It’s a full-time job, but there’s no pay,” Jeff says. “Our Vemma business has funded all that time, so she can devote herself to this important work.”*

Health is good business
It’s obvious the Blackman family is passionate about helping people. Jeff and Michelle’s focus is to help people take control of their lives and make them better. They’ve found a natural outlet in the employees of the tanning salons they work with in Wisconsin.

“If you’re working for someone, you’re an hourly employee, and you go in to work and do what you’re expected to do every day. That’s fine. But how about a steady stream of income that you can earn while you’re at work? Vemma can provide that.”*

“Everyone wants to be healthy these days. And you have the opportunity to provide people with a convenient way to get there. Like they say, you take Vemma, it tastes great, and you end up getting your vitamins by accident!”

The power of plugging in to a team
Jeff and Michelle are also active in the Young People Revolution, working with the team to help get the word out about Verve to the youth in their region. “They’re amazing,” Jeff says of the group in Virginia Beach. “They have conference calls every night; they really offer a lot of support.”

“When we started in 2009, we were really floundering around. We had no coach; we were making maybe $30 a week. Once we got on board with them, we started earning $1,200 a week.* It’s really a testament to the advantages of being plugged in to a team — the idea of running as a pack rather than running alone.”

Understanding the endless possibilities
Jeff says the key to keeping their team together is constant contact. He believes in the importance of making a commitment to do one small thing every day consistently, and making sure you stay connected to what’s going on around you.

His biggest challenge? Helping people understand the potential of the business. “People just don’t realize it,” he says. “You could invest $500,000 in a typical business, and then, if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll break even in six years. But with Vemma, there’s the potential to make unlimited income your first year. There’s no overhead. I just want to help people understand the possibilities here. They’re endless!”

Jeff is on track to make Presidential soon, and his goal is to be an Ambassador before Convention in April. But for now, he says his life couldn’t be better, and he wants everyone to experience the kind of life he has.

“I tell people, think about your day. Can you wake up when you’re done sleeping? Can you decide what you want to do every day? I can, and I know I’m helping people get healthier. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Attention, Green Bay area Vemma folks: meet the man behind the story
Jeff will be hosting an event with Royal Ambassador Ruth Elliott and Ambassador Dennis Ligon September 29th in Green Bay, WI. Join him and learn more about how you can connect with unlimited opportunity.


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