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Vemma is thrilled to announce its newest Royal Ambassador Brad Alkazin — the key leader of the Young People Revolution. At 26 years of age Brad has surpassed all Vemma records becoming not only the youngest Royal Ambassador but the most highly paid young man within the Vemma family.

As one of Vemma’s top earners, Brad is a role model for thousands and everyone is dying to know his secret to success. Brad’s dreams of success began as a teenager; like many gifted high school athletes, he had dreams of going pro while playing college basketball. Tragically, a disabling car accident left him unable to play competitively, and in search of a backup strategy. “My dream was always basketball, but after the car wreck, I couldn’t play,” Brad says. “I needed a new plan — something someone in their early 20s could do.”

At home, Brad’s parents; Bethany and Tom, had been successful network marketers his entire life and with Vemma since the beginning. Hearing his parents talk about the Vemma products in terms of the business opportunity got his wheels spinning. “I started studying Vemma more closely and learning the compensation plan before deciding to do the business.” Brad compared Vemma to other network marketing companies as well as traditional ones, and considered how successful his parents had become in their own network marketing careers. “The idea of residual income was compelling. The concept of doing some work now and having the opportunity to receive residual income down the road appealed to me,” he says. His research wasn’t passive. It turned out to be fairly easy to recognize opportunities to introduce Vemma to people. A natural promoter, Brad found Vemma’s word-of-mouth marketing an easy sell. “I drank the product and liked it, so I naturally shared it with friends. I do this anyway with movies and video games all the time.”
Starting his Vemma business was simply a matter of time for this young self-starter because the more he talked about Vemma, the easier it became, especially after taking it upon himself to learn as much as he could about the products. “Hearing about it around the house all the time helped me talk to others about the product,” he says. “Eventually I gathered some good stories from people using the product.”

One such success story came after a job for a well-known professional athlete. “I introduced Shawne Merriman to Vemma,” Brad says. “Now he’s into the business side of it. Even someone like Shawne loves the concept of residual income.” 

Hard Work is Worth It 

“I’ve learned some things the hard way and had a lot of people tell me no,” Brad says. “And when this happens I ask more questions about their needs or financial goals. But I’ve also gotten a lot of positive response, ultimately learning perseverance and determination pays off.”

Seeing other people make significant money was enough to convince Brad to take up the Vemma business. His initial goals weren’t very lofty. “When I started, I wanted to make $100 a week or so,” he says. “I figured on starting small and working up, but when you’re young $500 a month is a lot of money. It became clear that helping others reach a financial goal would be kind of cool. It became about helping them with something they wanted, and I enjoyed seeing their success.”

Speaking of youth, Brad’s young age seems to afford him unique access to this market demographic. Early on, he approached former high school friends and teachers. “I knew they would at least listen to me, because there was already a level of trust there,” he says. It’s probably only natural that most of the members of this ever-building team range from 18-27 years old. Vemma’s energy drink Verve is especially popular with this demographic. “Verve allows people my age to drink something most of them drink anyway, along with the opportunity to make money,” he says. “My friends love it, and their parents love the nutrition Verve gives them. There’s really nothing like it with such mass appeal to kids our age.”

Brad believes his desire and willingness to put in the time and effort to build a business is the key to his success so far. Hearing positive feedback from people using the products and reaching financial goals with Vemma has fueled him to work harder.

Brad is proud of his mom and dad’s network marketing success and happy to follow in their footsteps and learn from their experience. “I’ve been blessed with how fast this has grown,” he says. “I like that my parents can see me grow with this, because it’s probably just like they started back in the day.”

Brad’s message to young adults is to not wait until after you graduate to start building your future. “Start your business now. Keep your goals and your dreams in front of you every day,” he says. “The future is bright, and it’s coming.”

Brad mentors the next generation of Vemma, ensuring future success and fanning the flames of the Young People Revolution. His easygoing style, steadfast leadership and fun videos invite young people everywhere to take a look at Vemma and run with it — there’s nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!


Find out how Verve! changing Brad's life into Young Successful Vemma Crusader with his Young People Revolution (#YPR). Watch these videos to understand Verve! 3 Steps Action Plans Brad's did with Verve!.

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