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Liquid Multi Vitamins and Super Juices. The Flagships of the Direct Selling Industry…. What are the best products the Direct Selling Industry has to offer? 

As a distributor / prospect for liquid supplements you want to know how effective a product is for your health, how reliable the testimonials are, if the product is scientific formulated, what the price is compared to the compitition, how well is the marketing done at the company and are you backed up with clinical research on the formulation. The famous "product marketing mix" from the corporate world; Price, Product, Place and Promotion.

The Results:

OIT = Other Independent Testing
DF = Doctor Formulated

  • The results of clinical research (on the formula, not ingredients) has been studied by 3 experts: a Medical Doctor of a Dutch University, a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. None of these experts are using the products.
  • For the customer testimonials we took notice of the Company official website and what was further found on the Internet.
  • For the price we calculated with the companies suggested serving size and show the price per day, per month and for a family of 4 persons, based upon the USA consumer/retail pricing.
  • For the Other Independent Testing we studied the details of (ingredients) tests done by other resources. ( & other sources)
  • Doctor formulated / Scientific board: which person(s)  formulated  and are standing behind the product.
  • Marketing: How well is a product promoted by the corporate staff. Which (web) tools are available, apparel, printed stuff, DVD's, Magazine's ect.

The points system:
  • Clinical research on the product / blend: maximum is 10 points
  • Customer testimonials: maximum is 6 points
  • Price Point: maximum is 5 points
  • Other independent testing: maximum is 5 points
  • Doctor Formulated / Scientific Board: maximum is 5 points
  • Marketing: maximum is 4 points

Total maximum points: 35

We believe when it comes down to health, it is quality that counts.  If you care about yourself and others this will be a priority. You make the decision.

Best Overall Product 
Vemma Nr. 1 

Vemma: Mangosteen based Multi-Vitamin, with Aloe Vera, Green Tea,  65 minerals blend. The suggested serving size of Vemma is 2 ounces (59 ml), 1 time a day. Price: $ 30 for 1 bottle of 32 ounce (946 ml)  =   $1.88 per day. Scientific Board: Dr.Yibing Wang (M.D., Ph.D), Dr. Robert Verkerk, (Advisor) Dr. John Edwards, (Advisor) Dr. Mehmet Oz (Advisor) Clinical research:

Vemma summary: The nr. 1 on health benefits for an average price. Great testimonials, outstanding results on the clinical studies, and other independent studies. Impressive Scientific board – advisors. Marketing could be better. If you are product orientated Vemma could be a great fitThe investment for a 1 year autoship is $686 versus $453 for Tahitian Noni and $1,621 for Monavie.

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