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Attention iPhone users: Vemma App 2.1 is now available! Released Tuesday, August 7, 2012.

This new version of the app helps Brand Partners manage their Vemma business like never before!

New updates includes:
  1. Facebook Bragging Rights
  2. Streamlined video texting
  3. faster viewing of your network

Vemma Business App 2.1 (iPhone) Updates:
  • Quickly and easily send the Game Plan video to all of your prospects.
  • View your prospects by product category — all, Vemma, Verve or Bod·ē — to target your communication efforts.
  • New Facebook Bragging Rights feature — when you rank advance, you can post the official announcement about your advancement from the app to your Facebook account.
  • Find out if you’ve qualified for free product!
  • Receive push notifications to let you know there is only one day left in the Rank Advancement period, plus receive rank advancement congratulations and custom notifications such as event information or news.
  • Sound effects that prompt you when your cycle number increases.
  • Improvements to My Network for instant views of the bottom or top of a leg.
  • View your rank advancement for the last four months instead of only four weeks!
  • Available in 9 languages!
About the App

The Vemma Business app (available for Android and iPhone) allows you to do business from the palm of your hand. Indispensable? Yes, we think so. It’s designed to help you stay in contact with your network and manage your business on the go. Whatever you need to do — search your network, enroll a new Brand Partner, count down to the next cycle period, or track your Platinum Club progress toward a brand-new car — you can do it instantly from your smartphone!

Last month, we experienced record-high numbers of new downloads for the app. Just last week, there were almost 900 downloads by new users! There are now more than 13,000 active users, and thousands of Brand Partners and Customers have signed up via the mobile app, thanks to the streamlined prospecting and mobile enrollment features.

The 2.1 version of the app (for iPhone) makes it easier than ever for you to manage your Vemma business.

Download it today! Click here!



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