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We are thrilled to announce that Vemma Bod·ē™ presales numbers skyrocketed over $1,000,000 USD in Europe!

Vemma Bod·ē officially launched at the Vemma Believe Europe Convention in Malmö, to a packed house!

Brand Partners shared glowing reviews and excitement of this new product line that has joined our Vemma family. Brand Partners who took part in the Vemma Europe focus group lost a total of 880 lbs, with 60 people losing an average of 15 lbs in 12 weeks!** It’s never been easier to help people manage their weight or have a chance to earn extra income. This is just one more way we are shaping the wellness revolution in our mission of people helping people!

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Want to see a Vemma Bod•ē transformation personified? Look no further than Debbie Norfolk.

Debbie’s been a Brand Partner since November of 2005, but since last year when she started Vemma Bod•ē, now she’s even more of a believer. “I feel wonderful,” she enthuses. “I have tons of energy – the high-end protein and extra fiber in Bod•ē really makes the difference.” **

She looks great, too. In four months, Debbie’s lost 17 pounds and 15 total inches from her waistline, and the difference is apparent.** “It’s not so much the pounds, it’s how my clothes fit,” she says. “It’s been 12 years since I’ve been this size.** My daughter’s in her 20s and I’m in my 50s and I can wear her jeans!” This takes the makeover term “shopping in your closet” to a whole new level, since Debbie now has two closets she can access — her own and her daughter’s!

Good for her, and good for her business

While she’s excited about her renewed fashion sense, Debbie is also clear about Vemma and Bod•ē’s positive impact on her overall well-being, and that includes her business.

“I feel better than ever before,” ** she says. “My confidence level has gone way up, and so has my business. I have more focus, so I’m able to be more productive.”

“Plus, I feel so good about the product that it’s very easy and natural to share my own story about how it’s changed my life.”

Case in point: One day Debbie was approached by a neighbor who said, “Can you talk to my husband? He needs to lose some weight.” Debbie did, and now, eight weeks later, she’s living next door to a 27 lbs-lighter, healthier man.**

A little encouragement goes a long way

Debbie loves how easy the Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan is to follow. “It covers all the different foods — there are tons of choices. I get daily texts which tell me when to take Bod•ē Burn and Rest or if it’s time to eat; and I even get notifications that remind me about drinking my water — it’s just that extra bit of encouragement and support that keeps you in line.”

Like all of us who battle our weight, Debbie has faced the realities of yo-yo dieting. “I’m used to the struggle; I always put the weight back on,” she says. But now things feel different. “I’m eating every three hours and with Bod•ē Burn, I am not overeating. It is now easier because I can stay consistent and really keep the weight off.” **

Debbie exercises with her daughter three days a week. She’s quick to point out their workouts aren’t particularly strenuous (“we’re not killing ourselves!”). But they work them into their busy schedules and they’re both feeling great.

Looking ahead

This is just the beginning of Debbie’s transformation. She’s thinking ahead, well into the future. “I’m determined to go forward with myself and my business. I have grandkids and more coming, and I want to be able to spend good, quality time with them. What we show our kids, is what they end up doing for themselves. My grandchild just turned 2, and he’s started his good habits early — that’s really rewarding for me.” With her Vemma business, Debbie is also enjoying doing her part to help others get as healthy as she is.**

“When I get motivated about something, I go hard core,” says Atlanta Vemma® Brand Partner, Kevin Turner. And hard core is just what he’s done with the Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan. Kevin uses the products daily, sticks carefully to the eating plan, and now works out 5 to 6 times a week. The result is that he’s lost 20 pounds in just 2 months.**

“I never had extra weight until after college, after I got married, and we started having kids,” Kevin says. Since then, he’s tried many programs; but he never lost all that extra weight. But, he’s noticed something totally new and different with Vemma Bod•ēTM, which includes a scientifically based eating program in addition to physician-formulated products. “With Bod•ē, my metabolism is on fire!** I can feel it within half an hour of when I take my first Burn in the morning.”

Kevin says the biggest difference between the Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan and other programs is the lifestyle change. He read Chris Powell’s book, Choose to Lose, and appreciated how it broke down the plan and taught him why some things work and others don’t.

Two keys Kevin’s found to being successful with Bod•ē are using the Bod•ē iPhone app and preparing meals in advance. “My coworkers tease me about my cooler, but it makes following the plan simple. I pack it up before I leave for work. When my app tells me it’s time for a snack, I open my cooler and there it is. My internal clock has matched up to the program so much that I start noticing I’m getting hungry within a few minutes of when the Bod•ē app tells me it’s time for a snack.”

Kevin’s biggest surprise while on the program was how quickly the weight started coming off.** He started drinking two Bod•ē Burn cans per day and one Rest, to which he attributes much of his success. He says it took him a few weeks to get on top of the exercise and eating programs, but the product gave him results.** “In the first three weeks, I lost 10 pounds.” ** And as he mastered the eating program, the weight loss kept coming.**

“My advice to others is to take Vemma Bod•ē seriously and be intentional. If you are willing to stick with it, you’ll see results.” He also advises others to follow the Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan and read Chris Powell’s book. Both will prepare you for a true lifestyle reset.

“I used to fill my body up with all kinds of junk, and my taste buds were kind of dumbed down; but I stuck to the eating program and it got easier. Now, the healthy food tastes great to me. It’s what I’m hungry for, and that’s how I can tell that this is a plan that works!** This is a lifestyle change.”

**Results not typical, you may not do as well. Two pilot studies conducted by Vemma showed that 55 participants who followed the Vemma Bod•ē Transformation Plan for 12 weeks lost an average of 14.8 pounds. Not all participants will complete the plan or accurately follow the directions and guidelines of the plan. Vemma Nutrition Company recommends you follow a healthy approach to weight loss by consulting with your physician or healthcare provider before starting any new exercise, diet plan, nutrition or supplementation program, particularly if you suffer from any medical condition or regularly use prescription or over-the-counter medications. The Vemma Bod•ē products as part of the Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and 10 minutes of daily exercise. 


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