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It’s here! Android users can now enjoy the perks and features of the Vemma Business App 2.0! 

Released Friday, July 20, 2012, this much-anticipated version of the app is expected to double the number of Brand Partners who can use the app to track their Vemma business, monitor progress and engage their network. 

Since the app was released for iPhone in June, we’ve experienced over 2 million mobile hits. And the excitement doesn’t stop there — over 30,000 texts have been sent, 24,000 conversations have been started, and thousands of new Brand Partners and Customers have signed up, thanks to the streamlined prospecting and mobile enrollment features.

This innovative app allows you to do business from the palm of your hand. Indispensable? Yes, we think so. It’s designed to help you stay in contact with your network and manage your business on-the-go. Whatever you need to do — search your network, enroll a new Brand Partner, countdown to the next cycle period, or track your Platinum Club progress toward a brand-new car — you can do it instantly from your smartphone!

Vemma Business App 2.0 (Android) Features:
  1. Browse your network visually while searching your entire network instantly
  2. Access contacts
  3. Send video text messages to your contacts and prospects
  4. Create a hotlist of prospects (notifies you when prospects watch your video)
  5. Organize prospects by product interest (using Vemma, Bod•ē and Verve icons)
  6. Engage new enrollees, rank advancers and cancellations
  7. Track your weekly and monthly stats
  8. Check your next rank progress and goals
  9. Count down to the next cycle period/rank advancement period
  10. Enroll via genealogy or in the first empty spot
  11. Track your Platinum Club progress (BMW)

We’re making it easier than ever for you to manage your Vemma business. What are you waiting for?

Download it today! Click here.


  • Jonathan: Great app! Awesome!!! That is all.

  • Michael: Does not get any more convenient than this. All your information at a touch.

  • Matthew: Incredible!!! Thank you BK & the V Team. This is a “must have” for building your Vemma business.

  • Ariel: Awesome! Let’s build a business, with this app I feel complete.

  • Brad: Incredible — Amazing! Great app if you’re a brand partner.

  • Grant: Excellent, thx guys!



09/23/2014 4:26pm

Hope there is no danger of overdose the way I'm tempted to take Gemma?


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