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Tonight on ABC catch a brand new episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition with Transformation Specialist, Chris Powell, as he helps 30 year old Jonathan change his 543 pound body!

Participant Bio

Age: 30

Starting Weight: 543

A devoted husband and father of two young sons, it seems as though Jonathan has everything one could want in life. Unfortunately, he lacks the most integral piece -- his health. At only 30 years of age, this former athlete weighs 543 pounds. Jonathan fears he only has a handful of years left to spend with his family. Determined not to leave his wife a single mother and his children fatherless, he reaches out to trainer and transformation specialist Chris Powell. He hopes with Chris' assistance to become the family man he desperately wants to be.

At the start of his one-year journey, Jonathan learns the dangers his obesity has imposed upon his body: severe sleep apnea, a high risk for diabetes and low testosterone levels which can lead to multiple health threats. Chris knows what is at stake and challenges Jonathan to lose 250 pounds by the end of his year. Although he doesn't believe he can accomplish such a feat, Jonathan finds inspiration and motivation from his wife, Lisa, and their two boys.

Jonathan soon finds that, through the regimented diet and exercise program created by Chris, he is on his way -- paving the way towards regaining his health and decades' more time with his family.


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