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Vemma success has left us speechless… Where does one begin to express deep and meaningful gratitude for such an accomplishment? And how on earth can you possibly say thanks 10 million times? 

We are absolutely elated here at Vemma Home Office and we want to congratulate YOU – Vemma Team!

For the first time ever, our monthly sales went flying past $10 million. This July marks a record-breaking month on all fronts. We broke records for Verve sales, Bod·ē sales and recruiting numbers and we can’t thank you enough for making this happen!

Awesome Sales Stats — 2012 Over 2011
  • Sales – Worldwide up 46%
  • Sales – Europe up 66%
  • Sales – US up 65%
  • Sales – Austria up 114%
  • Sales – Africa up 88%
  • Verve Sales – Worldwide up 76%
  • Verve Sales – US up 99%
  • Verve Sales – Canada – up 126%
  • Bod•ē Sales – Europe  – New all time sales record and first time over $1 Million
  • New Enrollments  – Worldwide – up 116% from July
  • New Enrollments  – US – up 125%

Other notable mentions include:

  • Hong Kong sales up 25% from previous month
  • Mexico – Launched market in July – Orders exceeded $100k in first month
  • Builder Pack Sales have doubled
  • Thanks to Adam, Ray and the Brand Services’ team who cheerfully took over 21K calls last month
  • 250 Brand Partners have already earned their free product with the new incentive

These momentous numbers indicate that a record-breaking number of people are looking for the products and opportunity your Vemma business offers. Our momentum has only just begun. Keep up the good work and continue recruiting! Thanks for being a part of our wellness revolution and embracing a mission of people helping people!



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